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Thread: ESPN's draft coverage

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    Thumbs down ESPN's draft coverage

    This is the only bad part of draft night. Duke Vitale and Jay Bias base all there projections off of the college game, which is pointless. I remember Duke Vitale's critique of Andre Igodula a few years back: "If this guy only averaged 9 points per game in college, I don't know how he will contribute in the NBA".

    Look, I have no problem with these guys not liking a particular player, but when the rationalizations for this always go back to what they did in college it tells me they are no more of an analyst than you or me.

    As expected, Duke Vitale and Bias have raved over a guy like Jimmer Fredette. You can also be sure they will LOVE Kemba Walker tonight as well as other big name college guys. If teams start drafting foreigners or guys like Faried over the college big names these guys will start having a fit.

    ESPN does have decent analysts which I wish they would go to. Give me Tom Penn (NBA front office guy), Greg Anthony and let Russilo host the show instead of Stuart "showtime" Scott. This guy is like the Jim Carrey of show hosts and it just doesn't do it for me.

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    Default Re: ESPN's draft coverage

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