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Thread: dribbler "season premiere" issue coming SOON

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    Default dribbler "season premiere" issue coming SOON

    Hey folks... I'm BACK... I know I've been virtually nonexistent on the forum for the past month or two... the offeason, combined with me entering my first semester of graduate school (which is CRAZY, btw), has kept me from doing fun things.

    The new Dribbler issue in in the works, though, and should be finished in the next day or two. Because I've been so out of touch, this one will be all me. Sorry about that. That's not my long-term intention for it by any stretch, but we'll do it this way for this one issue, then get back to the old system.

    Anyways, cheers, and GO PACERS!!!

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    Default Re: dribbler

    Sounds good.

    What are you studying in school?

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    Default Re: dribbler

    What exactly is the timetable for issues?

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