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Thread: Pacers Draft Tiers (Based on Chad Forde's tiers)

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    Default Pacers Draft Tiers (Based on Chad Forde's tiers)

    Chad Forde comes up with tiers or groups of players based on their potential, so everyone in tier 3 is on the same potential level, he then ranks players in each tier based on team position need. When you're drafting you will take the player left in the highest tier with the highest rank. Here's a link to Chard Forde's description in his Mock Draft 5.0 thread

    *I based the needs off of who the Pacers have been bringing in for workouts and we all know we need a PF and a scorer*

    So based on Pacers needs (PF, SG, PG, C, SF in that order), then the Pacers tiers would look like this:

    Tier 1

    Tier 2
    Derrick Williams (PF)
    Kyrie Irving (PG)

    Tier 3
    Enes Kanter (PF/C)
    Jan Vesely (PF)
    Brandon Knight (PG)
    Kemba Walker (PG)
    Jonas Valanciunas (C)
    Kawhi Leonard (SF)

    Tier 4
    Tristan Thompson (PF)
    Bismack Biyombo (PF)
    Alec Burks (SG)
    Jimmer Fredette (SG/PG)
    Marshon Brooks (SG) (moved to tier 4 based on Pacers interest of him)
    Klay Thompson (SG)
    Marcus Morris (SF)
    Chris Singleton (SF)

    Tier 5
    Kenneth Faried (PF)
    Markieff Morris (PF)
    Donatas Motiejunas (PF)
    Reggie Jackson (PG)
    Darius Morris (PG)
    Josh Selby (PG)
    Nikola Vucevic (C)
    Jordan Hamilton (SF)
    Tobias Harris (SF)
    Davis Bertans (SF)
    Tyler Honeycutt (SF)
    Nikola Mirotic (SF)

    So essentially we could just go down the list and mark people off and whoever is the highest left would be our pick.
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