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Thread: Eric Gordon likely to re-up with Clippers?

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    Default Re: Eric Gordon likely to re-up with Clippers?

    So saying someone is not a top 10 player in the game yet = bashing?
    Saying Blake is top 10 already - well, to me that's being a fan boy.
    It's weird how many ppl are ready to jump the gun and crown the guy without actually seeing full picture. Or well, maybe it's not weird, media always has a bigger influence on perception than actual games.

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    Default Re: Eric Gordon likely to re-up with Clippers?

    Quote Originally Posted by ilive4sports View Post
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    You don't average 22 and 12 on 50% shooting in your rookie season and have so many holes in your game that will prevent you from being great in this league. There is a reason he won the ROY in a landslide. Even looking at past winners, his season was better than theirs. There isn't a player in the league that doesn't have a hole or two in their game. Especially when they were a rookie.
    I'm not inferring that he is chopped liver or anything. I've said he is a good player. But the contention is he elite yet like P4E has said. There is noway you can say he is elite. I'm not sure he will ever be elite. It will take alot of work to become a good defender. He does not close out well, he doesn't block shots, can't defend the pick n roll. Which i think is very strange that he is so far behind on one side of the ball like he is. The dude had a whole year to sit and watch NBA level defenses and study film.

    And if the topic is why would Eric Gordon chose the Pacers over Griffin, well next year will tell all, because the the Clippers will probably suck again next year too, and Eric Gordon will be looking for greener pastures.
    You can't get champagne from a garden hose.

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