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I know what it's SUPPOSED to do, but it's not good at what it's doing.

If I tell you that Jimmer Ferdette and Brandon Rush are both in the same tier, do you think that Jimmer will turn out like Brandon or like how Brandon was supposed to turnout?

I picture him turning into the Brandon Rush that we know, not the Brandon Rush that he was supposed to be.

Once a player is drafted, and starts producing on the court, they should be moved into the tiers based on play and not projection. He's not comparing them to anything tangible.

When you think of Brandon Rush, you think of what he is rather than what he was supposed to be.
Umm so yes I am thinking about him turning out to a player with similar success to what Brandon was supposed to have, and that is the point... I don't get what u are trying to get at...

This is only talking about pre-draft potential, that is all... what would you like teams to make their decisions off of post draft potentials which they won't know for years.

And reference to the players from the past just show how accurate these have been..

I think the thing is that you are interpreting this who thing wrong, if they tell you that these tiers are supposed to show pre-draft potential of players then why would you making the assumption that Jimmer will turnout to be as productive as Rush... but somewhere between the range of previous tier 4 draft picks, you are looking at one specific case.

How about this if you want other tier 4 players that were successful then here u go, Paul George... just compare those two maybe that will make u happier.

When looking at the list of previous tier 4 players and seeing what they have did the expectations often do pretty well...

Tier 4 (non all-star role players):

Darrell Arthur, Donte Greene, DeAndre Jordan, Kosta Koufos, Brandon Rush, DeJuan Blair, Earl Clark, Austin Daye, Tyler Hansbrough, Gerald Henderson, Brandon Jennings, James Johnson, Ty Lawson, Eric Maynor, B.J. Mullens, DaJuan Summers, Jeff Teague, Terrence Williams, Sam Young, Cole Aldrich, Luke Babbitt, Eric Bledsoe, Avery Bradley, Gordon Hayward, Xavier Henry, Paul George, Patrick Patterson, Ekpe Udoh

Not too many of these players have All-Star potential from when they got into the league, only a select few have showed that type of talent. So looking at the overall trend, that is most likely what the group from this year will turnout to be, most likely somewhere between a tier 5 and tier 3 player...

If you want to interpret this more you can take away that these tier 4 players have a very ultra small possibility of ever showing tier 2 or tier 1 success...

Again this is just pre-draft potential aka where do you think their ceiling is.