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    Default Superbowl Tix

    Hey guys,

    I know no solid information or ticketing pricing has come out yet, but just wondering if anyone knew how easy it is to purchase superbowl tickets? and how much they are roughly?

    May be a silly question, im not sure if your even allowed to purchase tickets just as general public. Im In Indiana next Feb so was wondering how easy/hard its going to be.

    Any help Much Appreciated,



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    Default Re: Superbowl Tix

    I would love to know myself. I'm saving up to two grand to purchase a ticket, but don't want to spend more then that.

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    I looked at ticket prices this year to see what we would be in store for next year. I can't recall the numbers I saw exactly, but it scared me off that's for sure. I wont even bother to look next year.

    Maybe some of you are more willing to spend than I however. My mind would change entirely if the Colts were in it.

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    Default Re: Superbowl Tix

    I have done the sweepstakes every year for the lsat 5 years, but did not do it this year as I have kind of just tuned the NFL out

    How can I buy Super Bowl XLVI tickets?

    The demand for tickets to the Super Bowl greatly exceeds the supply. The majority of tickets are allotted to the two participating teams, and to a lesser extent through each of the other NFL teams. Remaining tickets for the general public are made available through a random drawing. There is no other means for the general public to purchase tickets. The NFL does not sell tickets to travel or ticket agents.

    Entries for the random drawing are accepted between Feb. 1 and June 1 of the year preceding the game in question. All ticket requests must be sent via certified or registered mail. Those selected in the random drawing will have the opportunity to purchase two tickets.

    Requests for Super Bowl XLVI, to be played Feb. 2012 in Indianapolis, will be accepted beginning Feb. 1, 2011 until June 1, 2011. Your request for admittance into the drawing should include Full Name, address, city, state, zip, phone, and e-mail. They should be sent to:
    Super Bowl Random Drawing
    P.O. Box 49140
    Strongsville, OH 44149-0140

    Please note that only one request per address is accepted. All duplicate
    requests will be disregarded.

    You will be notified via regular mail in late October / early November as to the status (win or lose) of your eligibility to purchase Super Bowl tickets.

    As far as pricing, when it was held in Jax it was aroud 1K-2K for upper level, 3K-5K for lower, for what thats worth. 50 yard line tickets were going 8K-10K, though a gazillion of those were reserved for media. The general publics best bet was to get upper level

    EDIT: ALL Nfl players get 2 tickets to the SB. Its a long shot, but you can call player agents and ask if they will give you, or more likely sell you, one or two of their tickets.

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