Tom Moore might consult with the Jets
June, 13, 2011 Jun 134:22PM ETEmail Print Comments2 By Paul KuharskyWhen the Colts didnít give Tom Moore a new contract after the 2010 season, they took a risk. A risk that an assistant whoís been as important as any during the Peyton Manning era could wind up helping somebody else.

Kirby Lee/US Presswire
MooreSome fans will cite Benedict Arnoldism in this, but I think Tom Moore owes Indianapolis nothing.

He had a reduced role last season, doesnít have NFL work now and is being courted to do some light consulting work for the Jets.

A source says the Jets would like Moore to go over film on occasion and offer a review.

It would be a smart thing for the Jets. An outside opinion from an experienced coach can be helpful, and if that opinion comes from a guy who was with a team youíve met in the playoffs two years in a row, all the better.

Maybe Moore sees the Jets tipping something off or finds an easy fix to a problem that just didnít come up from the inside. There can be great value in such things.

Moore passed on a chance to join the Titans as coordinator, telling Mike Munchak he didnít know if could give the job all it deserved.

That would have really stung Colts fans. If a deal is struck with the Jets for this consultant deal, it should sting less. I donít want to hear about his lack of loyalty. Sans contract, there is no such animal.

The Colts took the risk.

So a very important Peyton Manning confidante could have a role in assisting the team that knocked Indianapolis out of the playoffs last season.