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I personally watched him shutdown Harrison Barnes and have seen a few other games the kid is incredibly skilled and is a pg first but big enough to be a SG if he doesn't have success at pg in the league. That is why i want him I think he fits a big need a defensive pg and instant offense off the bench who can create for himself and others. He also has the potential to grow into a floor general in time he is highly intelligent and is pretty new to the pg position so he has room to grow. That is why i would like to draft him I cant speak for anyone else.
At 15 Marshon answers a number of concerns with our team... he is great at penetrating to the rim, has a good enough jumper to be a threat in the league, and can knock down the mid range. His passing ability is suspect and can turn the ball over a lot at times, but I think a lot of those concerns were from him being the primary scorer on his college team. I personally think Marshon could have a Jamal Crawford type impact off the bench at the peak of his career, just an instant offense guy.

I think Reggie Jackson would be a great option if we traded down in the draft. If we were to walk away with Reggie at 15 I wouldn't mind that. There isn't much value at 15 for Reggie when he is projected at going late 1st round.