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    Default SAMMY TERRY ya'll !!!

    Don't know if anyone else has heard, but Mark Carter, Bob Carter's (aka Sammy Terry) son got the torch passed to him, and will be the new generation of Sammy Terry on WTTV4 ..

    ST was a staple in my childhood that I grew up watching since I was a little kid..

    I vaguely remember when he came to Mounds Mall when I was real little.
    I have fond memories of EVERY friday night , because it was ritual to crawl up in bed with the blankets pulled up nice and tight, bag of chips and soda , lights out , and Sammy Terry on the tube.
    I'm so glad I can relive my childhood watching old , sometimes obscure horror movies every friday night with Sammy Terry hosting them .

    Mark, his son , looks so much like Bob , it is uncanny . and he even sounds like him ..

    All I know is , I am pumped about this news...
    What say you?
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