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    My limited experience with airport meet/greet stuff is it's always kind of a last minute thing. Generally, you have to check with Rob Laycock for the departure/arrival info.

    Then you just show up in your gear at the airport if you are so inclined. Usually you just check out the big arrival boards for incoming flights from Orlando and that gets you the Arrival Gate.

    As for airport directions, well, there's always Google or Yahoo Maps. It's that big thingie out there on the west side.
    When George Hill arrived to Indy after we acquired him in the draft day trade, I knew his travel arrangements because Roy asked us to welcome him at the airport. George was flying commercial and we knew his flight #, so we were able to look up his arrival time.

    Each flight time is different for the team. Typically, they fly home immediately following the end of a road trip. There isn't really a departure time because they may have team-only postgame meetings and then media availability prior to leaving.

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