Hey allready! Thx, would be great if you could look that up for me! Is there a download somewhere on the net, anyone?

I think that North America uses another DVD standard, yes, BUT I have also heard that there are ways around it.

So, someone wants to tell me just a little more about what EXACTLY it is about?


The movie is based on the 1954 Milan Indians. A small high school team (with i believe 6 or 7 total players)that ends up beating Muncie Central for the state champs. I thinks it's very overrated and much the original names (including the school names) have been changed. The story also had to be altered to be more interesting. ed:
You call yourself a Hoosier! Booo!

I wasn't born in Indiana...
That explains... everything, actually.

Indiana > natstoned
I've lived in Indiana 19 years...