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    For my understanding Cavaliers want to make a deal to get them the 2nd pick. Pistons have made an offer. Not sure why anyone would want Rips 25mil contract. I realize of Cavs trade exception but that can be used for this year on Rip but it does nothing for them next year. The Grizzlies have stated that Gay will not be traded unless a star is in the proposal. Also, One may say the trade with the Wolves alone would be better,however, this gets the flame ignited again for Mayo and if Cavs really want the #2 pick and Wolves are willing, then it only takes a team like Detroit to mess everything up.
    This here gives everyone what they want / need, I think? Please leave constructive feedback to make this trade work better.

    Salary #'s match up on this also.

    Pacers - getting Mayo for #15 and McRoberts. Getting Wolves Beasley, Webster & #2. Pacers gives Posey & #2 for #4 and Sessions.
    Grizzlies - saves 8 mil (not including Josh & Price) to get Gasol & Young & others signed. They also have 7.4 mil coming off the books for Battier.
    Cavs - giving up Sessions for #2 and using exceptions on Posey. Means it does't go against their cap and they buy out Posey's contract and can do what they want with him.
    Wolves - getting their franchise player in Rudy Gay. They have showed interest, but Wolves don't have the pieces for the Grizzlies. Grizzlies are wanting to win now. This is where the Pacers can make all this happen.
    Pacers get: OJ Mayo, Michael Beasley, Martell Webster, Ramon Sessions & the 4th pick.

    Grizzlies get: Danny Granger, AJ Price, Josh McRoberts (E&T) & #15 from Pacers.

    Cavaliers get: James Posey & #2 from Pacers.

    Wolves get: Rudy Gay.

    Hibbert / Kanter(R) / Foster
    Beasley / Hansbrough
    George / Webster
    Mayo / Rush / Jones
    Collison / Sessions / Stephenson
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