Theory -> Bird had a 3 year plan

That 3 year plan involved having O'Brien coach the team for 3 years, and then would be fired for a new coach to take the team in a different less rebuilding direction.

When the decision was made to finally fire O'Brien (too early for Bird), he choose the weakest, youngest, newest guy on staff. The reason for this was it would be easier to fire him and replace him with who he wants (A veteran like Aldeman)

Now, we are just waiting out the process for Bird to finally let that bomb drop. He may delay it until after the lockout just to distance the time even farther from the Playoffs so it's easier to let Vogel go.

It's not that Vogel's a bad guy or anything, but Bird had a plan, and Vogel's success is screwing with it.

The big problem with this is, we cannot hire a coach immediately, so coaches are getting snatched up.

It was strange we picked Vogel as the coach, but now it makes perfect sense. He was the easiest guy to fire later, so Bird could continue his rebuild plan.