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Whatever was said after the deadline doesnot mean its accurate.
But you would acknowledge that, in any event, that is the only information we have with regards to who was primarily to blame, correct? Otherwise, it's pure speculation no matter what one's opinion is, right?

Why would the Pacers Front office admit to botching a trade? Of course they are going to deflect.
Have you seen anything that specifically suggests that the Pacers Front Office, specifically, botched this trade, or are you merely speculating?

Just like Memphis's front office deflected and said the Pacers couldn't get their act together.
Could you provide us with a source for this? I don't recall this.

Didn't the Memphis owner essentially post right when the deal was supposedly accomplished, that he wanted Mayo gone and thought that a change of scenery was needed for him?
How would the above support your opinion that Morway "botched" the trade? This only would suggest that at one point the Memphis owner thought the deal was done, as I believe I recall him speaking to the local Memphis newspaper with word to the effect of what you say, implying that the trade was complete.

Like I said i can only factually base my opinion on the end results. We had a deal in place, deal fell thru. Morway is the GM. The GM executes trades. Morway did not produce OJ Mayo at the trade deadline. Morway failed.
These are all factual statements.
They are factual until you get to "Morway failed." That is your opinion, not a fact. Elaborate on what you mean by failed. Do you simply mean he didn't get what he wanted, or are you suggesting something more to the effect that he is incompetent at his job?