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Thread: Clutch-o-meter based on our Bull playoffs series

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    Default Clutch-o-meter based on our Bull playoffs series

    I'm going to rate all our players on the clutch-o-meter scale based on our recent playoff performance.

    Mainly, I want to promote discussion, but also I want to remind myself how well Granger did, because I am pretty darn open to trading him away for some pieces, but that may need to be reconsidered. Also, I have been a huge Roy supporter from the beginning, believing that he would grow into greatness as the challenges emerged. The playoffs has me reconsidering Roy.

    Anyway, the great ones in all sports rise to the occasion. Think Tiger Woods. That's who you really want on your team, and it needs to be emphasized as much or more than the stats and performances in the regular season (although the last five minutes of regular season games is also a pretty good indicator).

    Here goes for the Clutch-o-meter: (10 highest—0 worst)

    Collison: 5
    (Had some moments and some bad moments)

    Price: 7
    (This is one of his best qualities, but the rest of his performance has been so bad I don't know if this can bail him out.)

    George: 8
    (He got better as the challenges came his way)

    Granger: 9
    (Though one-dimensional, inconsistent on defense and apparently not a leader, he IS pretty darn clutch. He gets better with pressure, imo)

    Dahntay: 8
    (I like him down the stretch)

    Rush: 3
    (I find him terrible down the stretch. He did have a nice game-ending dunk this year. Who can forget him stepping across the line on an inbound pass?)

    McRoberts: 4
    (I'm a McBob fan, but clutch he seemed not in this playoff)

    Tyler: 6
    (He had a couple of moments, and several during the regular season final minutes. But the jury is still out.)

    Roy: 3
    (Hate to say it. The brutal truth. He has not risen to the occasion very often.)

    Foster: 8
    (Not a nine, only because his non-offense makes him a liability sometimes down the stretch. But he was great this series, and even hit some big free throws in the final minutes.)

    Dunleavy: 4
    (He just didn't show up in the playoffs.)

    TJ Ford: 7
    (He's got all kinds of problems, but he has in fact performed well down the stretch at times.)

    Posey: 5
    (In his career, yeah. For us, once or twice he's hit a shot but mostly not.)
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