RoboDoug's dedication has me thinking...

As you PD old-timers (since we're starting our second season at PD, is that an oxymoron or what?) might recall, last season I built an MS-Access database to track five-man plus/ minus (a much more useful alternative to individual plus/ minus.)

I got swamped with work late last fall, and I wasn't able to keep the database current for very long. Its not obscenely time-consuming, it takes me about a half hour per game and that's mostly re-reading the official play-by-play sheet so I could figure out what the five-player combinations were, a small amount of that time is inputting data into the database.

If there is sufficient interest in using this again this season, (1) speak up. (2) I'm going to be very busy at work for the next six weeks. As mentioned, the database is coded and the formulas are written, with some small tweaks to the roster, its ready to go - but I probably won't have time to maintain the database myself, so I might need some help.

Your feedback is appreciated. Unless, of course, you tell me to "go f myself." I wouldn't appreciate that.