Hey just letting you guys know that if you like basketball and want to see future prospects or recruits that are coming to your school soon this would be a good event to go to.

A lot of the future IU recruits will be here... 5 play on the same team Indiana Elite, as well as some of the Purdue recruits.

I know I will be there...

Here is the link to the teams and the times and places they play. Also if you buy a day pass it will allow you to go to all of the facilities, games are spread all over two depending on the division... most of the expected to be good game are going to be played at assembly hall and the 2 new gyms they built right next to them.

Saturday and Sunday are the main days for action.. but if you want to make sure to see your team then you should go on Saturday because they may get knocked out and not make it to Sunday.

But I hope you guys come out and enjoy should be pretty cool.

Here are the links: