1995 AFC Championship game still haunts Harbaugh
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on May 12, 2011, 5:09 PM EDT
Each day, PFT Live producer Matt Casey sends out a wide assortment of possible clips from the show we can choose from to post on the rumor mill.

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh gave a lot of interesting, newsy answers about his squad that are relevant to today’s NFL. And I’m not going to pick any of them.

The segment that interested me most was Harbaugh’s recollection of the 1995 AFC Championship against the Steelers, and the near-catch by Aaron Bailey that almost sent an upstart Colts team to the Super Bowl.

“Coming that close to your dream of participating in the Super Bowl, and then seeing it brush by your face in an instant, and you walk off the field and you go ‘there will be other days,’” Harbaugh said. ”And then you realize it was the only day.”

I remember the play well. It’s a reminder how lives can change on one snap, and how random winning can be.

“It haunts you in a lot of ways to come that close to your dream and not get to touch it,” Harbaugh said.