And I think for the second time, brought up by a Pistons fan:

I'm so god damn sick of people talking about this. "Rick Carsile is the best coach in the NBA" "Rick Carsile is gona lead the Pacer into the finals and Detroit will be bounced from the second round by NJ" "Rick Carisile is my lover and I ride his nose ever god damn night"

Thats fine. I hope you enjoy a coach who controls ever god damn **** thing your guys do on the court. You think your point guard is calling the shots? Haa Rick is making up for his sad sad basketball career. Larry Brown is teaching the players how to think the game. Under Rick, Billups' IQ as a point guard was somewhere around a -10. He's has become much more of a floor general under Brown this season. With Rick calling all the shots last year, you think Billups learned anything, becide pass the ball to RIP when coach tells him to? No.

So have fun with Rick indy. You'll probably make it to the finals this year, and next. And hey, you might win. But we'll be the team going after a dynasty.

Oh yea, BTW, you should learn that regular season dosnt mean ****. Because right now, your team is playing playoff type basketball every night. By the time the playoffs come, every team will be playing like you. Every team starts to defend better. Every time grinds it out better. Just because you're winning in the regular season dosnt mean anything. We almost got bounced last year because of Rick. And thats the truth. Dont get your hopes high.
Is he right, or were those Pistons rosters simply not capable of taking it up a notch? Will we be different?

And speaking of which, help me out: Did the Bird teams play playoff-style basketball all year or not?