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    (first post attempt #2):

    Hi guys, long-time reader, first-time poster.... so be nice!

    Ever since our game 5 loss I've been trying to dream up some reasonable trade scenarios to address our biggest hole (PF). It seems pretty clear to me that Utah is our best trading partner. Not only have they recently acquired Favors, but most mock drafts I've seen have them taking another big if they stay put at #6 (since a big will likely be the BPA). While I'd be stoked for either Millsap or Jefferson, I think I'd rather have Jefferson due to his length and ability to create his own shot. But, he won't come cheap; it'll take WAY more than Rush plus our pick this year (as someone wildly dreamed earlier in this thread) because Al was actually pretty efficient this year and showed a lot of improvement.

    So, here's the trade proposal. Tell me what you think.

    Indy trades: Paul George, Posey's expiring, this year's first
    Utah trades: Al Jefferson

    Why we do this: well, our offensive production will see an immediate boost because our talent will be well-distributed over the starting five. Al + Roy makes us long up front (perhaps the best front-court in the East?). Our first this year isn't likely to be as valuable for us (weak draft) as a team that is rebuilding. Plus, Jefferson's contract is very reasonable, with only a couple years remaining.

    Why Utah does this: George gives them some much needed depth at the wings; the trade makes them a better shooting and defensive team on the perimeter. This also allows them to promote Favors to the starting lineup as well as promote Millsap to team captain. They'll also be able to find time for either Kanter or Biyombo (two bigs they'll have to take a serious look at if they fall to #6).

    With an aging Granger (who's still elite, IMO), we need to gear up for a 2-3 year run before Boston re-tools and after Miami implodes because of the new CBA (fingers crossed!!!). While I'd be sad to see George go, we definitely get the better end of this trade in terms of winning now.... you just don't get a guy with Jefferson's abilities too often; nor do you get the opportunity to put him at PF with a legit 7-footer too often. I'd take this trade in a heartbeat, even if we had to throw in an additional future pick.
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