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Thread: Trade with SAS (if they're rebuilding)

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    Default Trade with SAS (if they're rebuilding)

    Darren Collison, James Posey, and an S&T'd Josh McRoberts for Tony Parker

    Why for IND: Parker will be 29 and the start of next season so still probably has at least 3 seasons left before the inevitable decline. He is a three time All-Star and multiple NBA champion so his experience in the playoffs would be invaluable.

    Why for SA: If SA is serious about rebuilding, they may to shed Parker's huge contract, which has four years left and will be the largest on the team after Duncan retires. They desperately need athleticism, and McRoberts would instantly become by far the most athletic guy on the team. Collison is a high character point guard who has shown a lot of signs that he'll be at worst a solid starter in the NBA, he'd benefit immeasurably from a coach like Popovich.

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    Default Re: Trade with SAS (if they're rebuilding)

    Now that we're under the cap, we don't have to make salaries match, so you don't need James Posey. (Not that those two add up to his salary anyway)

    Also, you can't include any of your other players when it's a sign and trade. You can do Josh for 1 or more players, two different trades (Josh for pieces, then your other pieces for more pieces), but it can't be Josh + other pieces going out in the same deal.

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    Default Re: Trade with SAS (if they're rebuilding)

    Don't like it. Why start trading all our young players right when we are starting to see the potential, and they are getting some experience. I know that taste of playoff basketball was awesome! But we need to stay patient. Give Darren and Paul a couple more years and they will be house hold names. I like the direction we are going and I don't think now is the time to go for the "big name" player.

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    Default Re: Trade with SAS (if they're rebuilding)

    why would you get rid of DC for parker?? Parker is almost losing his job to Hill. Parker isnt as good as he was and hes older. DC can be great. It depends on team play style and how hard he works in the offseason but he showed how glimpses of stardom. get a few more good players around he will be fine. he showed in those games for the hornets when paul was injured that he could produce numbers like paul. It helps when you have big men who can finish unlike our "bigs"
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    Default Re: Trade with SAS (if they're rebuilding)

    I wouldn't trade Collison for Parker.

    Give me the Tony Parker of 4 years ago, and sure. But right now? No chance.
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