Arguably the most effective case against Vogel is back-handed.

That is, that O'Brien was so demotivating and suppressive that anyone with a modicum of common sense regarding motivation and team spirit, and some basketball sense could have significantly altered the Pacer trajectory.

That is more a conviction of Pacer management than the players.

But if one accepts that premise, then it makes even more sense to look around before signing Vogel, other than the fact that it is always prudent to compare before purchase.

Regardless of what one thinks of Vogel, that O'Brien stayed so long signifies a serious communication problem in the Pacer franchise, given that we now know how much the players disliked him. It was not only his terrible record and unsettling public pronouncements that signaled O'Brien's unsuitability for the job.

Whatever we think of the personalities involved, it is at least arguable that the Pacer franchise will never hit their ceiling until they address their management issues. This is obviously not a well run machine by any means, especially given that so many careers and dollars are on the line.