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Thread: What this season meant for next season and beyond

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    Default What this season meant for next season and beyond

    First off I'd like to say it's been a privledge posting with you guys. You really know your stuff about the Pacers and are crazy passionate fans as am I.

    Here are some of the "newest" things this season has brought that we haven't seen from the Pacers in a long time as well as what we will be seeing.

    -A real coach
    -A coach who loves his job like crazy
    -A coach who loves his players and has so much confidence in them
    -A whole team who has portrayed the true meaning of Indiana basketball especially in the playoffs
    -A city that is loving Pacers basketball again and is ready to hop back on board next season

    Next season is going to be even better than this season.

    Everything is going to be fun and through all 82 games and during the playoffs with a real coach this time.

    Attending games will be a lot more fun with thousands of more seats filled every game.

    So again, this season was a fantastic introduction to the team's bright future. Young core, nearly $40 million in cap space to go out and get an even better stud like Eric Gordon to make us solid contenders, the probable return of coach Vogel.

    ...I'm excited!
    In 49 states it's just basketball, but this is Indiana!

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