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It's a wish list that has real context. Now this is an improvemet and very exciting, gives me chills!

Pick up Nene Hilario on and resign Josh Mcroberts

Pacers get from Wolves:
Micheal Beasley
Wolves 2011 1st rnd pick #2 Derrick Williams

Pacers get from Cavalers:
JJ Hickson
Ramon Sessions
Cavalers 2011 1st rnd pick #4 Enes Kanter

Wolves get:
Danny Granger
Lance Stephenson

Cavalers get:
Roy Hibbert
Pacers get:
Eric Gordon

Grizzlies get:
Josh McRoberts
Pacers 2011 1st rnd pick #15
Pacers 2011 2nd rnd pick #42

Clippers get:
OJ Mayo
Micheal Beasley
Future draft pick if needed

Line up

Nene Hilario / Enes Kanter / Stanco Barac
Hansbrough / JJ Hickson
George / Derrick Williams
Eric Gordon / Rush / Jones
Collison / Ramon Sessions / Price
wow what a list that's tons of movement. Kanter would be our starting PF he will be able to play both very well and that lineup would make me i wish it was possible that team would be fun to watch.