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    Quote Originally Posted by itzryan07 View Post
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    Mike Brown is horrible! Don't even bring up the back to back 60 win seasons. Lebron did it all for him.

    I'm sorry Mike Brown lovers, but I just don't see it.

    He coached teams to 60 wins with LeBron James. That doesn't impress me. He made it to one NBA Finals with LeBron James. They got swept.

    Why oh why are people still impressed with the guy?

    And don't say LeBron had bad teammates in Cleveland, because he didn't.

    Those guys struggled without LeBron, but take Danny off our team and see how well we do. Probably not very well. But that doesn't mean we have bad players either.

    No Mike Brown please.

    I'd prefer Frank, but I'd explore other options. But I'd sure as hell rather have Frank than Mike Brown.
    Stop quoting people I have on ignore!

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