I know we've spent a great deal of our time talking about who we think/hope the Pacers aquire, but thought this is a great time to start since the season is over. From the playoff series, you can see the Pacers are very close from contending for a championship. Steve Kerr said multiple times last night that the Pacers need a "star" next to Danny. In reality, Indy isn't going to get a star in the offseason. Instead, acquire some players with some experience that will contribute greatly to the team. Who do you guys think we are going to go after/should go after via free agency or trade?

My Wishlist:

1. Carl Landry- I know there has been much discussion on him, but I believe he is the best available PF we can bring in. I think Larry was very close to acquiring him at the trade deadline (for Rush) and I think he'll go after him again. He has had only a positive impact on every team he has been on and I think would be our most consistent option as starter. Since he went to Purdue, I think he would welcome coming back Indiana.

2. OJ Mayo- say what you want, but OJ is a heck of a talent, and the price we could get him for is a steal. A new environement should motivate him and he'd fit in well with the youth of our team.

3. Greg Oden- yes Greg has barely played a week in the NBA, but signing him at a decent price is worth the risk because of the potential. He would not only sell tickets but would be a great backup big for years to come (maybe overtaking Hibbert, you never know)