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Thread: D. Jones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilk39 View Post
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    I heard Wells on The Dakich Show today say there is a possibility the FO will try and get rid of Jones because of his "Alpha Male" attitude? Anyone else hear this?
    Yep I heard the same thing, so Larry doesn't like DJ because of the way he is in the locker room and he likes Lance, it looks to me like we were looking at the wrong guy few weeks ago.

    Edit: Posey also got into Vogel's face at one time.
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    I really like DJ. I mainly love his EMOTION in the game. Me and the girlfriend were almost courtside at the T-Wolves game this season when Dahntay went nuts and his emotion just made smile and get cold chills. I really love the emotion he shows in the game, but I'm very passionate about the game, so when players show thier passion I love it.

    I also love his cheerleading on the bench, lol. I would keep him with a reasonable contract.
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    It boggles my mind, that this guy would not be considered the ultimate teammate, the kind of role player every team wants.

    He is always cheering on the sidelines, always ready to play regardless of the circumstance, always playing at a high level of intensity, always communicating with his teammates.

    The guy always plays hard on the defensive end, if he gets his offensive game going his defense suddenly becomes incredible. Sometimes he calls his own number too much, but at least he displays confidence while doing so. He never hesitates, he knows what he wants to do...regarldess of the end result.

    I hope we keep him around, I think hes more valuable to this team than we all realize. if you take away his passion and intensity...I think everyone suffers from it.

    Problem for Dahntay, is we don't have enough minutes to go around. I think Vogel handled playing time in the playoffs perfectly...I'm amazed to be saying that.

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    Sometimes people don't want to hear the painful truth. If that's what Dahntay's saying in the locker room, I'm even more in his corner.

    If he's the guy that says Lance Stephenson is a problem and it's ludicrous that he's getting playing time -- and that's just a made-up plausible example -- who here doesn't want that kind of voice in the locker room?

    If he's the guy that has no problem telling the coach and management that some teammates aren't busting hump, who here doesn't want that voice?

    If it's something other than that, it's a different story. I have no way of knowing.

    But from the vibes Dahntay puts out, and his history (Duke?!), I'm thinking what he's saying is OK by me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickRelease View Post
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    Denver didn't have as young a team as this, and also had stronger personalities to keep him in check. So maybe it didn't show in Denver like it did here.
    What's he going to do, tell Carmelo Anthony he's taking bad shots? He's Carmelo Anthony. There aren't many bad shots.

    I think the reason this stuff doesn't surface in Denver is simple. The Nuggets have a good, experienced coach. Back then, they had a good, talented team (and still do, to a point).

    There was simply less to get frustrated about on a veteran ball club.

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    Who can we find cheaper and will do equal to or better than Jones? Please don't give me trade ideas that involves trying to get someone else's "young" or "high risk" player...

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