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Thread: NFL lockout deemed "illegal"... How does it effect the NBA's collective bargaining this summer?

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    Default NFL lockout deemed "illegal"... How does it effect the NBA's collective bargaining this summer?

    Judge Susan Nelson effectively ended the NFL's lockout this morning deeming the action "illegal" since the players union "de-certified". This action puts the players in the catbird seat for their CBA negotiation with the NFL because the players will be paid during negotiations. Obviously, the NFL immediately sent the decision for appeal, but judge Nelson wrote an 89 page opinion on her ruling about how the lockout unfairly effects the players livelihood and other factors. Some experts say her written opinion will weigh very heavily in the appeals process.

    My question is... How similar are the situations between the NFL & NBA? Will Judge Nelson's ruling be considered "precedent" and effect how the NBA will conduct negotiations? The only reason for a lockout is to put heat on the players by straining their pocketbooks.

    Kind of hard to get the landmark changes the NBA wants without making the players cave in by not paying them.

    On a side note, I remember when then super agent David Faulk tried to de-certify the NBA players union over a dozen years ago. I didn't really care for it considering that it was being driven by the highest profile players in the league to break the rule on maximum contracts. The rank and file of the NBA choose not to decertify because they felt it would create a system of haves & have not in regard to player contracts. I fear decertification will be on the players agenda to be able to line themselves up for Judge Nelson's ruling for negotiations this summer.

    Today could be bad news for getting a lot of the changes that may help the owners make changes that may make small markets competitive.
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