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Thread: Eric Gordon spotted at Game 3.

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    Default Eric Gordon spotted at Game 3.

    Spotted this tidbit while reading the game recap at

    Quote Originally Posted by
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    Clippers guard and Indianapolis native Eric Gordon was catching some hometown playoff hoops.
    Doesn't mean anything really, but it shows Gordon is at least interested in the Pacers (or maybe just the Bulls). I'm not an Indiana native so I don't have a love affair with Eric that some have, but I do think he is a very good SG and would love to have him on our team if he was interested.

    So, do you guys think this means he may be interested in playing in Indiana, or do you think it was just a meaningless appearance? He doesn't become a free agent until 2013, but he may be available for trade in the near future if the Clippers do not improve.
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