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    Default Thoughts about the crowd, not game thoughts...

    I have a question for you seasoned vets.

    I've been to several Pacers Playoff games since 2001, but my wife of 3 years had never experienced it. So, after much deliberation, I bought tix at the last minute and ended up in 221, Row 11. Hey, no such thing as a bad seat.

    Well, heres the issue:

    The game was great. But the Bulls fans around us were awful, completely trashed and disrespectful. Early in the first quarter, a Pacers fan shouted "PACERS" directly at one of the Bulls fans in front of us. Well, the Bulls fan responded by threatening to "kick the **** out of you!" and repeatedly saying, "Do it again, I dare you. Little *****!"

    Well, I was able to calm both down and get back to what was shaping up to be a great game. However, the Bulls fan begins chanting "Hibbert is a ****y, **** the Pacers! You guys SUCK ***!!

    Then, a Pacers fan who had drank a bit too much began chanting "**** the Bulls" over and over. Everyone around him insisted he stop, but the idiot Bulls fan began threatening to come over there and start something, going so far as to get up and start moving. Well, after about 30 seconds of terrible profanity and threats, I stepped in and shoved the drunk Pacers fan out of the way, and told the Bulls fan to chill or get ejected. Right on cue, security shows up and drags the Bulls fan off. Well, the Bulls fan was able to LIE to security (Apparently, I didn't hear the words out of his mouth.) Security let him stay, and ejected the Pacers fan. Just like that.

    First issue: Bulls fan needed to be gone as well. Period. They both needed bounced.

    Second issue: The Bulls fan was calm until the third quarter when he got mouthy again, including flipping the crowd off REPEATEDLY. Well, security comes back because they had recieved MULTIPLE complaints (There were little kids, like 3 to 6, and he was shouting F words like it was what kept him alive). All security does is warn him to calm down, and leaves. At the end of the game, he, showing great originality, shouted "F YOU!" over and over at Pacers fans.

    This was the first ever playoff game my wife had attended, and I had to be on edge the entire time because these disrespectful and DRUNK Bulls fans.

    Who can I contact regarding this? I'm coming back to the game Saturday, should I try to speak with Customer Service?

    I know I could just let it go, but for all the times I've been to Conseco, this was the one time where I was genuinely concerned something would happen.

    By the way, the fans were in section 221, row 10, seats 5-8. Even the Usher was shocked security allowed the Bulls fans to stay.

    Advice? I'm really bummed. Incredible game! Loved it! But, the Chicago fans really hurt the experience.

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