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Thread: Frank Vogel-Great story, not a good coach.

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    Default Re: Frank Vogel-Great story, not a good coach.

    Nobody makes the right decision all the time - and sometimes of course the right decision is much more obvious in hindsight. I don't think Vogel has made the right move all the time but I am totally puzzled by how anyone can look at where we were when he took over and at what we've done in this series against the #1 seed in the East and think "Yeah, that Vogel - not a good coach." Even Vogel fans did not envision this series being as competitive as it is but there is no doubt that Vogel's style of play matches up much better with the Bulls than JOB's. We can go all the way back to the regular season and take a look at the games against them headed by those coaches to see that.

    Our guys are playing hard and Coach Vogel is putting them in a good position to succeed every game in this series. What more can you ask for from a coach?
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    Default Re: Frank Vogel-Great story, not a good coach.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sookie View Post
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    I believe strongly, that Price and Collison will be a fine PG duo. It's something we don't have to worry about, and them developing is our problem right now. Do they have flashes of terrible play. Yes, but they also show flashes of what they are capable of doing. And we just need to develop it. So it's not a problem. Both have a huge work ethic, do what the coaches tell them to do, and are pretty talented guys. They've gotten a lot of hate around here, but I have a feeling they'll both make people look silly by this time next season. (If given the opportunity)
    Given that Price will probably not be in question until next season because of his contract (although his status as backup PG may be in question), I think that Price will get his shot in camp. I think we both have decently established positions on the Price issue, so we'll just see what camp brings on that. Lets see if he can do it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sookie View Post
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    But they are consistently the most "hated" on. We've gotten "Price hasn't played well all series." Not true. Not true at all. He played well the first game. Was Jekyll and Hyde the second. (Really just panicked and then settled down.) And did not play well last game. That's better then what Hansbrough, Josh, Hibbert, Dun, and Rush have done.

    DC..we've got people whining about DC. But he had been excellent in this series until last game. Of course, he was playing on a sprained ankle. Not like that could have had anything to do with it, at all.
    I feel like when you have the point guards as the primary handlers, they will always get the most criticism. You need them to make the right decisions, and since we don't have an elite player to just dump the ball off to right now, they will get a lot of heat because they need to do more. But they do make really really bad plays at bad times that cause this, and as of right now if we want to win we just simply can't let that happen. I'm not saying it's fair, but at this point they have to carry a lot given the state of the rest of the team.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sookie View Post
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    This series has shown, we need a defender and rebounder in the post. With that, we're up 3-0. That's something that Hibbert, Hansbrough, and McRoberts are never going to be. (Hello Jeff Foster ten years ago) I like all three of them a lot. And the skills that each bring to the game are unique. But none of them have the "tough defensive guy who is a rebounder" skill. That's the guy that needs to play next to Roy.

    My dream, would be to have Hans be the backup PF, McRoberts be the backup C, and get a starting PF that is capable of doing those things. Problem is, Josh is going to have to get stronger to do that. (But those two play well together anyway)
    Besides the strength position for Josh at C, I feel like he's better off at the PF and is more natural there. I'm not sure if I want him here long term, I feel both strength and at times, height will be an issue. I think that we can most likely live with Hans as a starting PF if we get a better center. At the very least, his effort will ensure big minutes each night.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sookie View Post
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    I know you'd like to switch out Hibbert. I'd give Roy another year to see where he's at, as to me, he's got the most potential of the three. He works hard. His problem is mental, and core strength. (Which hopefully he'll address in the off season)
    Agreed on the potential. Don't think he'll ever get there. Also worried that whatever PF we pair with Roy will be an offensive liability as many of those defensive rebounding PFs are. I think we're more likely to find that in a Center where we've seen Diop and Dalembert types.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sookie View Post
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    We also need a SG that can score. But just like the PG position, I feel that's only a matter of time and development with Paul George. So understandable if we don't make a change there.

    This is just a mater of patience. These young guys are good. But the only thing we need, that we don't have, is a big guy that can rebound and defend. Heck, if the Pacers front office wanted to stick with this entire team for another season to see where they are at, then I'd be fine with it. I just believe that the conclusion we are going to come to is that we need a post defender and a rebounder.
    Yes, I'd be ok with standing par and improving the bench for a season. We would ideally find bench players who can push for starters and hopefully get our young guns better.

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