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Thread: Displaced Pacer Fan

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    Default Displaced Pacer Fan

    Forgive me for adding a thread, but Im a Pacers fan (since 76) who lives in LA and Im currently working in New York for a week and I need a place to watch the game tonight. Does anyone know of a sports bar in Manhattan they could recommend. Obviously I would prefer some pacer fans to be in attendance but if not I will chill in the corner listening to Mark Boyle's broadcast on my iPhone while I ignore any and all Bulls fans.

    Thanks for any help you can give and Go Pacers!!

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    I don't know all that much about Manhattan, but last time I was there we went to a sports bar called Mickey Mantle's right on the south edge of Central Park.

    Here's the website with the address and all that:

    It was a pretty neat place and not terribly pricey considering everything there is high. (or at least high compared to Indiana prices)

    Hope you find a place!

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    Default Re: Displaced Pacer Fan

    It will be at any bar even Buffalo wild wings it is on NBA TV

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