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Addai is certainly not a powerback which is what I think you are describing. He does however gets guys to miss and breaks arm tackles a lot. He just can't lower the boom on someone and drive them back. Injuries IMo are creeping up on Addai but I would much rather have him than a power back who is slow. Essentially we that with Javarris James anyway and power backs are a lot easier to get in the latter rounds. I wouldn't be mad if we traded up in the second round to get Leshoure though. He would be a big upgrade from Brown.
Not power backs but those who are shifty and know how to get up field... I say with addai it seems that he only breaks arm tackles 15-20% of the time, just what I notice when I watch the games, and Leshoure may fall to us in the second.

Also I am not sure what happened to donald brown... I think he has potential to be good but man I think he has lost his confidence and runs too ordered.

It seems like he lost his vision and can't find open holes, not sure if he will correct that this season or not..