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Thread: Hornets' Owner addresses Baron's Demand

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    Default Hornets' Owner addresses Baron's Demand

    WESTWEGO, La. (AP) -- Hornets owner George Shinn called Baron Davis "immature" and "a prima donna" while giving the metal stands at his team's practice facility a hard stomp. But he also said he loves his All-Star point guard like a son and is counting on him to make New Orleans successful.

    Shinn sounded like a frustrated parent as he vented about Davis, who said late this summer that he was dissatisfied with the Hornets' offseason moves and suggested he might be better off playing elsewhere.

    "Here we are trying to fill the arena ... and you make a dumb statement like that," Shinn said, recalling a phone conversation he had with Davis shortly after the trade comments.

    "We have young kids here who don't understand the business or the salary cap. They need to understand that we hire people who know what the hell they are doing," Shinn said.

    Davis said he had no regrets over expressing his opinion that the Hornets did too little to adjust to their move to the Western Conference and a new division that includes San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Memphis.

    "I'm in this business to win ... and if I feel like things aren't going the right way, I'm going to step up and address it," Davis said. "I want everybody to know how I feel. I want everybody to be held accountable because I'm always going to be held accountable on the court."

    Davis' comments about being traded came shortly after the Hornets adopted a policy to limit when players could use trainers other than the ones hired by the team. Shinn said he believed the policy change was what really upset Davis, who often used his own trainer the past few seasons.

    "Somebody might like to have an old coach (which Davis' trainer was) tagging along that they think of as a trainer to take care of them," Shinn said. Davis "needs to be taken care of, but we have qualified people to take care of him."

    Davis has denied the policy change on trainers was a major factor in his criticizing the front office. He said it had more to do with the loss of injured former All-Star Jamal Mashburn, who scored around 20 points a game in recent seasons. Mashburn is out for the season with a career-threatening knee injury.

    "That was really the only roster spot I was talking about. I was really hoping we'd sign a big-time free agent to come in and really fill that scoring void," Davis said.

    As it stands, Mashburn's likely replacements are veteran defensive specialist George Lynch or free-agent pickup Rodney Rogers.

    While all this came on the eve of Tuesday's opening of training camp, it wasn't clear whether it would prove to be disruptive or cathartic.

    After making their feelings known to reporters, Shinn and Davis spoke to each other privately at the center of the team's practice court. Then new coach Byron Scott -- who Shinn hired in part because of Davis' recommendation -- put an arm around Davis' shoulders as they walked off the court.

    "Once Baron and the other guys get a good look at what we're doing ... and how serious I am and my staff is about the game, they'll embrace that," Scott said.

    Davis even noted that while he stands by his earlier comments, his recent talks with Shinn gave him a better understanding of the team's plan.

    "I'm willing to be patient, but that still doesn't mean if I see a better opportunity I wouldn't want to be somewhere else," Davis said. "A lot of times as a player you have to look out for the best interest of yourself. There were things that went on this offseason that kind of made me take a more selfish approach. But I'm here. I've got a contract. I've got to honor that."

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    Default Re: Hornets' Owner addresses Baron's Demand

    Good, someone called him out. They shouldn't demand a trade.

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    Default Re: Hornets' Owner addresses Baron's Demand

    It's nice to see some of these spoiled millionaires being told to STFU and earn their paychecks.

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