Cowboys' Ware decides to pass on $60,000; donates $5,000 to help injured boy
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7:24 PM on Thu., Apr. 14, 2011 | Permalink
With the lockout in full effect, NFL players around the country are starting to face the reality that they won't be getting a check for practice or playing in a game until things between the NLFPA and the owners is settled.

The good news for players is that the NFLPA has a war chest that will allow the Association to give players money during the lockout. While Dallas Cowboys All-Pro linebacker DeMarcus Ware was supposed to get a check during the offseason, he's instead decided to forgo the money and spread it out evenly to the other players in the league.

"We have $60,000 that is supposed to be paid to us," Ware told the Star-Telegram. "I gave my money back to help out other guys that don't have as much money. That is going to help out and bring us closer to together."

Ware is currently in the middle of a $79 million extension that guarantees him $40 million. The $60,000 is being given to all players who were on the active roster for every week during the 2009 and 2010 seasons. The money will be spread out over a six-month period during the lockout.

That's not the only act of kindness Ware has performed in the past couple of days. As WFAA noted, the Cowboys linebacker also donated $5,000 to a six-year-old boy and his mother who were seriously hurt in a car accident.