Okay, all I'm going to talk about is the Steelers, but here's a thread for the non-Colts commentary.

Playing against the Minnows and Ben-gals has been great for Ben's confidence - those defenses are so inept that he's looked like a veteran, not a rookie in his second start.

Carson Palmer, on the other hand, looked nervous and rattled.

If you don't have an above average OL and running game, with some sure-handed receivers, I'm not sure why you'd voluntarily play an inexperienced QB? Palmer was certainly not ready to read the zone blitz, and Dick LeBeau left him very confused by the end of the game.

If Duce Staley didn't put the ball on the ground twice, this would have been a rout. Dipper, is Duce a known fumbler? Both times, it was one hand on the ball, in traffic :.

It was fun to see Troy Pooawoohalahalawoowoomu (whatever) intercept Palmer (his college roommate) and then run over Palmer at the two yard line to get the touchdown.

The Bungles have improved a lot over the past two seasons - they won't 'sneak up' on anybody this year so I think they might be able to get to 5-11 or 6-10, with a better team than the one that played 0.500 last season.