Well if you look at our Defense on paper it pretty much sucks , then you look at the first 4 weeks of who we played and your go , Worst Defense in the League and were still 3-1

Maybe were all being to critical of the defense , were spoiled by the perfection of our offense that it makes the Defense look so , I mean you would think with the key injuries we have on defense.

I know it looks grim right now , but really one less turnover or a made field goal in game 1 , we could have been 4-0 ..but 3-1 is very good. I think the bright point is although we suck on paper , our defense has made plays when we needed them the most and shifted the momentum the past 2 games from the opponent.

Amazing Stat is the Past I think 3 games they said the Colts D has only allowed 7 pts in the 4th quarters , that's nothing to be ashamed of.

I won't be surprised if we finish the season around 10th in D , I hope better but I don't think we can get any worse than we are , I think we will improve as the weeks move on.