Why not go after Steve Nash? Although he is 37 going on 38, he still has some gas in the tank, and if anything, can be a mentor to Collison.

Something like:

Posey (or a large tpe), Price, Rush, Stephenson, 2 1st rd picks


Steve Nash +filler.

Something like this gets Indy one move closer to being a championship contender. He would help sell out the fieldhouse next season, and as I mentioned before, would be a great mentor to Collison.

For Phoenix, they would go into complete rebuild mode. Trading an old star for some nice talent, and cap space. It's a win/win for both teams in my eyes. What do you think?


I could only imagine how much better our offense would be. Just imagine the smashmouth lineup of Nash/Dunleavy/Jones/Hans/Mcbob. That would be SWEET!