The other rotation decision to keep an eye on is in Indiana, where Mike Dunleavy is healthy again and theoretically prepared to reclaim his starting spot from Paul George. Pacers’ coach Frank Vogel is sticking by George, and it really won’t make any difference, since the Bulls are going to whoop the Pacers regardless. Still: The debate, such as it exists, does bring up a couple of bits of trivia. First: The Pacers have played much better with Dunleavy on the floor this season than they have with either George or Brandon Rush at shooting guard, and it’s not close. Indiana’s current starting lineup — Darren Collison/George/Danny Granger/Tyler Hansbrough/Roy Hibbert — has been outscored by about 10 points per 100 possessions, according to Basketball Value. The margin stays just as bad if you substitute Rush for George. But in 152 minutes with Dunleavy at the 2-guard spot, that lineup is +4 per 100 possessions.
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