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Is Jim Caldwell a top-10 coach?
April, 5, 2011 Apr 51:06PM ETEmail Print Comments33 By Paul KuharskyIs Jim Caldwell a top-10 coach?

Before you jump to say he is not, consider there are only 24 coaches in the league who’ve got real résumés to judge -- there are eight new coaches heading into their first seasons.

Here are the power ranking results and Tim Graham’s piece on how things sorted out.

Bill Belichick is our unanimous No. 1 and Caldwell finished 13th. I rated him eighth and gave Graham this rationale:

“I voted for Caldwell late, frankly, because I was running out of good candidates.

“I do not think he’s a particularly good game-day coach. The rationale he had for the late timeouts that helped the Colts lose at Jacksonville and to the Jets in the playoffs was flawed.

“But in terms of delivering a consistent message, setting expectations and holding a team together through an injury-riddled season, he did excellent work. And those are very important elements to the job.”

I did not consider Jack Del Rio or Gary Kubiak at all, and Mike Munchak is one of those eight new coaches.

Here is my ballot, not to be confused with the overall results, which you’ll find in the link above.

Bill Belichick
Mike Tomlin
Andy Reid
Mike McCarthy
Tom Coughlin
Sean Payton
Rex Ryan
Jim Caldwell
Mike Smith
Ken Whisenhunt