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This thought had crossed my mind. Someone can look up the numbers, but I thought someone had pointed out the Collison/Dun/Granger/Mcbob/Hibbert lineup had been our most successful this year.

Mcroberts has great chemistry with both Dunleavy and Hibbert, so it makes some sense. I would still play Tyler big minutes and possibly finish games (depending on who has it going)
According to the website, 82games.com, you are correct! Collison, Dunleavy, Granger, McRoberts and Hibbert has been our best starting lineup with a record of 21-10 (67.7%). Our best reserve squad that doesn't include any of the starters listed above has been Price, Danhtey, Paul George, Hansborough and Foster scoring at .467, +3 in turnovers and +22 FTA and 63% rebounding, 12.5% higher than our best starting unit!

Despite these statistics, I wouldn't change the starting lineup again just yet. Since the adjustments Vogel has made has proven to be somewhat effective and especially since Dunleavy recently returned from his thumb injury, I'd say it's too much of a risk making any lineup changes right now short of another injury. All Vogel has to do is shorten his rotation times as has been suggested and they should be fine. Once the regular season ends, I'd go back to what had been working w/Dunleavy and Jmac starting and Hans and PG coming off the bench. I'd also get Dahntey's minutes back up. Since Vogel took over as head coach, Dahntey's game has really impressed me.