It seems the problem we're having with the lineups is too many conflicting playing styles. PG and Hans don't work well in the starting lineup with DC, DG and Roy. All five players have a need/urge to be THE scorer, whereas there are other players in the roster (Josh, Rush, Dun) have somewhat of a passing instinct, which is absolutely necessary to the scorer-passer ratio.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but if Dun and Josh were starting at the 2 and 4 spots, respectively, I think it would allow for a less selfish style of play. Putting PG and Hans back into the goon squad would let them utilize their own scoring against less intense defenders (or rather, non-starters). Also, they wouldn't have to compete against Foster/AJ (usually) as scoring options, and adding in Rush or Lance (not Posey) at the 2-guard brings another facet of scoring and mid-level passing ability and movement to capitalize on the other scorers.

So I guess what I'm basically saying is, I think we should bring back the almost-original goon squad. Except we've got no room to make adjustments this late and close to the playoffs. Would we be better off anyway?