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Thread: Raiders WR Louis Murphy arrested for possession of illegal Viagra

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    Default Raiders WR Louis Murphy arrested for possession of illegal Viagra

    Yeah the title speaks for itself

    Murphy arrested on multiple charges in Florida
    Posted by Mike Florio on April 3, 2011, 5:39 PM EDT

    Getty ImagesRaiders receiver Louis Murphy, a mid-round pick in 2009 who has dramatically outperformed 2009 first-rounder Darrius Heyward-Bey, has gotten into trouble for having in Murphy’s possession medication relating to an entirely different kind of performance.

    The Gainesville Sun (via reports that Murphy has been arrested in Florida for possession of a drug without a valid prescription, failure to obey a police officer, and resisting arrest without violence. All charges are misdemeanors.

    The drug that he possessed without a prescription was (wait for it . . . literally) Viagra.

    After Murphy allegedly resisted arrest, he consented to a search of his Escalade, in which police found an unlabeled bottle containing 11 Viagra pills. Murphy allegedly couldn’t provide a prescription and he allegedly told the police that he had removed the label “because he did not want his girlfriend to know he had a prescription for it.”

    If he truly has a prescription for it, that should be easy to prove with a phone call or two. And if it’s a crime to carry pills in an unlabeled and without a copy of the prescription, then lock me up and throw away the key, since I’ve been chronically toting Singulair all over the place in identical fashion.

    To us, it sound more like the police had a [term that would have double meaning based on the involvement of Viagra omitted] for Murphy, since he allegedly didn’t pull over when directed and allegedly refused to put his hands behind his back when they were arresting him for allegedly not pulling over.

    While a student at the University of Florida, Murphy was arrested for possession of marijuana. He later vowed to turn his life around, after his mother was diagnosed for a second time with cancer in 2007.

    We’ve got a feeling that there’s another side to this story, and we won’t be surprised if the charges ultimately are dropped. We’ve seen too many accounts like this over the years that result in the whole thing going away.

    But rarely within four hours.

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    Default Re: Raiders WR Louis Murphy arrested for possession of illegal Viagra

    He just wanted to take some "performance" enhancing drugs.

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