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Thread: '11 Frank versus '10, '09, and '08 Jim: Last game of Jan through First game of April

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    Default Re: '11 Frank versus '10, '09, and '08 Jim: Last game of Jan through First game of April

    Quote Originally Posted by Unclebuck View Post
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    The worst thing about any forum or just the written word is impossible to determine how strongly the writer feels about something.
    Not true.

    It's been clear to me that you had the ring picked out and were all set to propose to Jim when the time was right for years now.

    BTW, along these lines I do think we are seeing the old Buck returning slowly as the JOB battles start to slip away. I think fighting those battles started to affect you.

    I guess that's true for me to if you bring up Josh, Rush or Price to be fair.

    But you still hung onto some pretty extreme defenses of JOB no matter what the reason.

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