After NFL: Tra Thomas opens a gym, Erron Kinney becomes a firefighter
Posted by Michael David Smith on March 30, 2011, 10:54 AM EDT
APAs the active NFL players continue to sit around and wait for the lockout to end, we’ve come across a couple of interesting stories this morning about what former NFL players are up to.

Up first we have former Eagles offensive tackle Tra Thomas, who is opening a gym in New Jersey.

“This was something I’ve always wanted to do,” Thomas told the Philadelphia Daily News.

Thomas said some of his former Eagles teammates who are still active players will be working at the gym as personal trainers until the lockout comes to an end.

“With this lockout going on, it’ll give these guys a chance to do what they love,” Thomas said, “and get paid for it.”

We also have the interesting story of former Titans tight end Erron Kinney, who is now a captain with the St. Andrews Fire Department in Charleston, South Carolina. Like Thomas, Kinney is using his experience in the NFL to push physical fitness, and he says firefighters should view themselves as athletes.

“We are professional athletes,” Kinney told “This is something we need to embrace. What we do is far more important.”

At a time when a week rarely goes by without a story of a former player losing all his NFL money, we wish Thomas and Kinney well in their post-NFL careers.