Looking through the stats of our last several games at such things as FT disparity and there doesn't seem to be a win/loss pattern... When I broke it down in terms of wins and losses since March 1 against the top 10 teams, the middle teams (which included those still in PO contention), and the bottom dwellers:

Since 3/1, Pacers are:
2-1 against the Top Teams
3-1 against the Middle Teams
1-4 against the worst Teams.
3 of those losses against the worst teams came on the road.

This team will display signs of maturity when they take care of the games they're supposed to as well as win on the road.

At least we're not the Wizards, which just got their 2nd road win of the season last night.

But what does this bode for our next game? Detroit at home: TBD.