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Thread: Why close the D. West thread?

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    Default Why close the D. West thread?

    What up wit that! It was pretty good argument. If you didn't like it then just don't read it. I mean it was fairly civil, it wasn't approaching a level of disrespect. And as the thread wore on there were several posters who actually chimed in in favor of my original argument.

    Though you might take a look at how vindictive and nasty some posters can be on here just because you happen to disagree with their line of thinking. There are certain members of this forum who will flat out insult you for having an opinion and not changing it. Heck I think some people were mad just because I disagreed with a Doctor.

    Edit:Please note that I am aware I made some snarky one liners as well, but only after somebody chose to insult me or essentially insult my intelligence.
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