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Thread: Summer School 2011: Josh McRoberts edition

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    Default Re: Summer School 2011: Josh McRoberts edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Peck View Post
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    In all honesty the person who should probably tutor Josh is already here but he probably does not know how to teach the ability that he had.


    In some way's Josh is a destitute man's Larry Bird. In other words he has multi dimensions to his game, is not a traditional three or four and has an above average court awareness/vision.

    I would be all for bringing in Dale, but not for Josh. They should make Roy do the drills he does now with Vitaley with Dale. Could you imagine having to dunk the ball every time on Dale, even as an old man? Roy would either come back as an MVP contender or wouldn't come back at all.

    But that is not Josh's game, nor should it be. In a way that would be short changing Josh because his skill set is not the same. Josh is closer to Mark Jackson than Dale Davis, which is going to lead me to another post with a question.
    It's interesting that you consider Josh more of a SF/PF than a PF/C. I think in today's NBA Josh has the size and hops necessary to be an excellent backup C. I'm not sure he has the quickness to guard the SF position.

    When I look at Josh's game I see someone who grew up learning small man basketball skills. He wanted to be a wing but out grew the position. That's certainly not his fault. I think he just needs to realize this and work harder on big man skills now that he's under the basket more.

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    Default Re: Summer School 2011: Josh McRoberts edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Strummer View Post
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    Last year Larry brought in Bill Walton to tutor Roy Hibbert. Based on Roy's improved play this year, I assume it was beneficial.

    So let's pretend that the Pacers decide to do the same with Josh McRoberts.

    And yes, assume that Josh will be re-signed and that the CBA situation allows for the Pacers to work with him over the summer.

    Two questions:
    1) What skills does Josh most need to improve?
    2) What former PF/C had a style of play that would make him an ideal tutor for Josh?

    Two skills that I'd like to see Josh improve on are:
    1) Mid range shooting to match Tyler. It would be nice to have that skill available when either of them is on the court. It would make the offense more consistent.
    2) Post up game. When Josh subs Roy, it would be nice to not lose the post up game. I'm talking scoring, not passing.

    One obvious candidate (to me anyway) would be Kevin McHale. He and Larry are friends which helps. And McHale was a great scorer near the basket. But I'm not sure he and Josh are the same kind of athlete. McHale had long arms and average hops. Josh is probably more strength than finesse (scoring, not passing) and can jump out of the building.

    So who should tutor Josh?
    I haven't read any of the responses yet, but without a doubt, Josh needs to go to the Davis Boys Academy. In fact we might need to bring both of them back, have foster shoot jump shots, put jost in between them, and allow one of the Davis boys to punch Josh in the face everytime he misses a rebound.

    This would probably end with Josh being dead. But if anything possibly ever could teach him to rebound or play with an ounce of toughness, that would be it.
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    Default Re: Summer School 2011: Josh McRoberts edition

    Let Magic tutor him. A 6'10" point guard would be fun.
    "Look, it's up to me to put a team around ... Lance right now." —Kevin Pritchard press conference

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