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Thread: Your Opinions (and mine) on Utilizing Paul George

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    Default Your Opinions (and mine) on Utilizing Paul George

    As a superfanboy of Georgie Boy, I've been trying to figure out what it's going to take for him to turn into the player we could use before the playoffs, or at least before next season.

    Before he started, I said that putting Paul in the starting lineup would invigorate and motivate him to perform at RoY-esque levels. However, in my modesty, I failed to realize he would no longer be a viable option in the offense, as all four other players would be trying to score before him. Even when he was gooning it up, he wasn't the most active, powerful player with the ball.

    My scenario:

    Depending on MDJ's production in upcoming practice(s), put him back in the starting lineup at SG, where he can do whatever he does, and allow Paul to play behind Danny, even so far as to be the 6th man/option. The point is to establish this, run plays for him, and let him work. MDJ's biggest asset (to me) is that he teaches the young kids how to move off-ball, defend better, and other things that Dun's good at, while allowing them to grow.

    With a Goon Squad of AJ and Dahntay/Rush in the backcourt, and George at the 3, we would have a more smashmouth-style group of guys, with Josh moving the ball more than usual (power guard), and Foster rebounding and boxing out and such.

    Though the pressure of becoming the lead bench option could be a hassle, it might be better than having Paul stand in the corner and get 2-3 touches per quarter, not counting an additional 2 incidentals (rebounds, saves, etc.). Looking at Paul George as our possible future star, we need to be ready to put him into action. We should have been letting him make mistakes earlier in the season, before the playoff push, rather than putting him in the starting lineup and letting him stand still.

    I also would like to see him start working 1-on-1 with Lance to improve his dribbling and overall handling. It's one of the few "skills" I see him lacking, and the one that seems to cause more problems/turnovers than any of his other offensive/defensive mistakes.

    Of course, I understand that we really shouldn't switch much up right now, being in our playoff push. We can't afford to make too many mistakes and have them attributed to "botched lineups". However, if Rush's offensive off-ball production (those catch-and-shoot jumpers he's been shooting/making lately) gets to a tolerant point, he may be more valuable with the starters.

    Okay, what say you?
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