Ok this is really more of a personell question & I won't be offended either way with the response.

Over the season I have made a conscious & deliberate attempt to change the style & content of my postings.

Gone are the days of my 30,000 word posts & endless harpings of player movement (or lacktherof). When we made the switch over to Pacersdigest I got the very distinct impression that my over the top posts just weren't going to jive with the newer style of posting. So I have made it a point to respond to more threads & start less of my own. I have made it a point to make short, hopefully pithy, comments instead of my long drawn out responses.

The question is, is it working?

I'm asking because I honestly don't know. I've gone back over some recent posts of mine & I just haven't been all that happy with them.

Has anybody even noticed or better yet does anybody even care?

I should just shut up now.